About Us

An amalgamation of services such as Recruitment, Finance & Staffing solutions under one roof, as our name suggests, Yellow Umbrella Group is the destination for Recruitment needs of any kind of organization ranging from start-up business to big Multi-National Company. Headquartered in Gurgaon, we are one of the oldest and the most reliable providers of experienced IT & Non-IT professionals bang on time, right where you need them and that is exactly what our mission is.

At Yellow Umbrella Group, we believe in “Empowering Organizations”. And to cater the ever-changing requirements of our clients; we have been constantly involved in research, tools & innovation to come up with specialized recruiters to assist you in taking your business to a whole new level of perfection.


What We Deliver to You

Call us a consultancy, a Talent Support, or simply Recruitment support, we are there for you when you need on-site staffing, specialized services, off-shore staffing, or a combination of all the three.

With approx. a decade of experience in offering avant-garde recruitment services, today we can proudly say that we specialize in IT & have impeccable delivery experience & band with for all functional areas across India. We have processes, support and a range of specialized professionals in multiple disciplines for all kinds of organizations, big or small.


We are a specialized service provider and we make sure that we support our client in the hardest recruitment challenges, the strictest timeframes, and limited budgets of any organization. Whether it is in any part of India, our ability to deliver solutions and support your recruitment team is impeccable and without borders. Hence, we are based in different locations in India. This is what makes us the local Recruitment and Staffing expert.

People, processes and results, this is what we promise you. For we believe in quality and not in quantity, we help you excel no matter how big or small an organization you are, or at what stage of organizational development you are at. This is why we are completely client oriented and flexible. Evidently, we provide solutions that are not only in the favor of the client but are also customizable.

So, we will be there for you when you need us, where you need us.

Yellow Umbrella Group’s mission is to make whoever we work for and with is successful. We do this through hard work, attention to understand & meet the needs of clients, stimulate the professional growth, enhance the skills of our employees, and identify better ways to serve each on a daily basis.

We want to build our success on a foundation of shared values – quality, service, mutual trust and integrity.

We envision ourselves to be among the finest service provider in the HR Solutions.

Quality Statement:
We strive to be recognized throughout the industry as an ethical, professional, able and responsible firm playing a vital role in Empowering Organizations; while committed to clients, vendors & employee satisfaction by delivering the solutions for their need.


Why Choose us:

At Yellow Umbrella Group (YUGROUP), we proactively build and maintain enduring relationships with high quality professionals through the lifecycle of their careers. We carefully nurture these relationships with the support of our world-class technology platform and provide personalized attention to each applicant; advising them on their career paths and helping them navigate through the recruitment process, enriching the overall relationship.

We believe in delivering the best fit for your open positions and our specialized recruiters devise the management strategies accordingly. Our clients are satisfied with our strong network that has been successfully supplying the top-notch candidates. The well-trained recruiters use intense screening and evaluation process to demonstrate the competencies of the contender.


Innovation in Talent Acquisition

At Yellow Umbrella Group; we have always believed in creating newer business models and delivery mechanisms that create enhanced value for our clients and candidates. Some of our pioneering initiatives are redefining the way talent acquisition and management that is done in India.

High Quality Technology-enabled experience

Investments in a scalable and robust recruitment technology platform has made YUGROUP a highly effective partner for our clients as well as a highly efficient operation. Users of the platform operate out of multiple regions to deliver consistent and high-quality real-time services to customers and candidates alike and contribute to their success.

Broad Spectrum of Customized Solutions

Yellow Umbrella Group has a breadth of solutions which are aimed at bringing together the best minds and the best organizations together. These talent acquisition solutions are custom-built to address the specific situation and span across the spectrum from university talent to occupants of the boardroom. Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions are fully customized to the needs to our clients

Risk-reward based services partnership

Yellow Umbrella Group works on a risk-reward based partnership with our clients. We determine the balance between service levels and pricing, and incorporate this into our engagement models which are supported by robust service management processes.

Head Office

212, Yadav Bhawan, T-24 Road, DLF Phase-3, Gurgaon, Haryana, India – 122001
Contact : 09560877128

378/1408, Radhagovinda Lane, Markandeswar Sahi, Puri, Odisha, India -752001
Contact : 06752 – 297228
Email : info@yugroup.in