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Recruitment is like finding the needle in the haystack, You Post an open position and you may get hundreds of resumes from job seekers with varying qualifications. It takes time and resources to assess and select the top talent, and all the while, your productivity is impacted by open positions. While you focus on your business, we help you fulfil all your recruitment needs. Our recruitment methodology includes screening, testing and reference checking and lets your employees concentrate on core business objectives rather than sifting through resumes and wasting time interviewing the wrong candidates.

What makes our client happy?

We formulate several strategies for improving the quality of service we provide. Yellow Umbrella Group’s well-trained team not only listens to the technical aspects, but also considers all other aspects of our client’s requirement. As we understand yours needs better, we are able to implement the best search and recruitment technique to find competent and qualified applicants. The money, time and workforce required by our client for searching the best fit can be channelled towards other aspects of increasing the profit.

We will provide the right candidate, who is loyal, goal-oriented, efficient and has a good understanding of your business goals. The candidate is sure to fit into your team that goes with the industry practices. He/She will quickly learn about the technology used, key-concepts of your organization, management styles and operating environment to support your plans and is sure to uphold your organization’s objectives.

How we mould ourselves to meet your requirement?

Our recruitment team identifies and analyses your project and its goal. Being highly networked and resourceful; the recruiting staff search in the pool of candidates to find the best competitor, who is knowledgeable, is able to identify your procedures and workflow. The ideal candidate has to undergo a number of selection and evaluation procedures to prove his talent and competence.  Our strategic and organized working system makes sure that the candidate secures high rating at all levels of recruitment procedure. We offer affordable and time conscious quality service to our esteemed clients.

You can count on a number of distinct benefits from us, which include:

  • Cutting down expenses
  • Guarantees top reliability
  • Incurs zero training and attrition expense
  • The contenders exhibit peak performance and goes beyond your expectations
  • Smooth flow of projects, without any delays

Permanent & Temporary Staffing:

With almost a decade years’ of expertise; we at Yellow Umbrella Group have established a ‘top of the range recruitment solutions firm’ status and built up a huge database of qualified profiles; which ensures that we can offer the best suited candidates to our clients. We use our experience, expertise to match the best Candidates within this database to the country’s leading organizations that help our clients on achieving their business goals


Specialised Services:

We have our “We can” specialised services:

  • We can manage a recruitment process directly with the hiring managers
  • We can provide the primary recruitment resource for jobs supported
  • We can actively promote a company’s employment brand
  • We can manage applicant tracking in vendor management systems
  • We can integrate and promote all applicant sources such as employee referrals, user groups and job posting boards.
  • We can offer human support contact with the hiring manager and candidates as desired throughout a recruitment process
  • We can pick up jobs from initial job profiling with the hiring manager to supporting until closure.
  • We can evaluate every candidate against job specific criteria.
  • We can offer direct sourcing capability.
  • We can offer similar services to multiple clients for a specific organisation

We have our “Hire 24×7 Program” specialised services:

  • Using YUGROUP’s “Hire 24×7 program”, you can leverage the 24/7 maintenance for your recruiting needs and raise the output of your team and decrease the rotation time in Hiring.
  • With Hire 24×7; we will be assigning our employees on dedicated basis that will be coordinating with your internal team and support with sourcing for assigned requisitions and provide the resumes to your team before they turn into office in the next day.
  • Our Hire 24×7 recruiters access and analyze internal databases, job portals, LinkedIn and other sources, to source out the best talent from the pool. The recruiters apply both active, and passive recruitment methods to help reach out to the candidate pool.

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Our Customised Solutions:

Yellow Umbrella Group offers customized solutions that work for all industries & stakeholders. Our team of recruitment professionals over the years, has built strong and time- tested relationships with the best-in-class talent across verticals so that we can provide the best quality talent solutions on time and on demand.

  • Proven world class recruitment methodology:
  • Our recruitment methodologies will provide you world class experience not just in the talent we find but in the recruitment model as well
  • Faster adoption to Client techniques and Systems
  • Our recruitment specialists have the capability to adapt to client techniques and systems in recruitment so completely catering to client needs.
  • Perfect hiring, sourcing and on boarding processes:
  • With approx. a decade of experience into recruitment, our process defines perfect solutions on hiring sourcing and on boarding candidates.
  • Our analytics can speak about the trends in hiring
  • With vast experience in hiring and recruitment, you can count on us as our analytics can elaborate about the trends in hiring

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